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Addiction Treatment

Out Patient Treatment :

Out patient treatment offers an array of services including intervention, evolution, individual counseling, group counseling, family therapy, and codependency treatment, intensive out patient services and continue care.

In Patient Treatment :

The center is a residential multi disciplinary therapeutic program conducted by a professional team made up of psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, counselors and nursing staff. The treatment program has been up to offer the patient medical help and psychological support the enable him to recover from the disease of addiction.

Identification / Intervention :

Identification done by family members, friends, well-wishers and medical officers.

Detoxification :

Patients are admitted to detoxification unit where the required medical treat is given. Withdrawal symptoms due to sudden stoppage of chemical/alcohol usage, instances of acute intoxication and chronic health problems associated with addictions are dealt with during de-toxification, when the physical condition of the patient stabilizes physical exercises (YOGA), psychological thearapy starts.

Psychological Therapy :

The psychological therapy consists of individual counseling lectures, group therapy, relaxation therapy, recreational activities etc. individual care and attention are given during the therapy.

Program For Family :

Addiction is a family disease that effects not only the individual, however his family members also. The hospital would offer a family program providing information of the disease and its impact on the family. The families would be given emotional help to cope and make positive changes in recovery.